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Affiliate Your Machines With A Charity

By affiliating with a charity, we are able to place your bulk vending machine without paying commission to the location owner. Most businesses are happy to help out legitimate charities. This is a short list of worthy charities. please research your charity wisely. Check with your Secretary of State's Office, or Attorney General for information on your charity of choice.

The List Of Charities That Offer Vending Outreach Programs

This is a fantastic charity that provides hair for cancer patients throughout their recovery. They accept credit cards and donations as small as $1.00 a month! CHF will ship their stickers for your machines priority so they are there when our locator is there.

Helping children with cancer!

Granting the wishes for children with life threatening illnesses.

Every eighteen seconds a child disappears.

Was established in 1984.

www.vca.org (Vanished Children's Alliance)
Has assisted in over 30,00 cases of missing or abducted children since 1980.

Improving life one breath at a time.

Providing a safe haven for abused women with children in crisis nationwide through the Good Samaritan Crisis Motel Network.


Charity is a tool that helps your locator place your bulk candy machine. When your locator contacts you, let him or her know which one you have chosen to contribute to. This is also appealing to your customers. Not only does your machine improve the appearance of their business, but it also helps a legitimate charity. This is a win for everyone involved.

The list we provide is a very short list of charities. There are hundreds more. This is your choice. a typical commitment is one to two dollars a month, per machine (not head). We encourage you to seek local charities with ties to your community. These organizations will provide you with stickers for your gumball machines.

Your altruism obviously helps all parties involved. VendingLocator.com encourages you to consult local authorities from your state with all your questions pertaining to tax law and licensing.

VendingLocator.com does not receive funds from these or any charitable organizations.


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